Marketing Advertising Services admin March 31, 2024

Cooperation with all local and satellite TV channels to show our clients’ advertisement in both seconds and minutes. We also have specialized teams including professional filming crew, and other visual means such as slideshows and 3D graphics and animation. We deliver best quality final products for you if you don’t have your own products.

Having close relations with all local radio channels to provide verbal and musical advertisements for our clients. We have specialized teams to record any kind of verbal and musical advertisements through the use of new technological means to give the listeners a clear understanding and attract them.

We offer you booking boards and billboard ads both indoors and outdoors, and ads on transportation means such as buses and minibuses…etc.

Doing every kind of internet advertisements, including websites and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Your business and products will be perfectly available for everyone using internet services.

We provide you with all kinds of print publications and installation at affordable prices, excellent quality, and efficient time. This includes: (offset printing, Felix, sticker, mesh, and rollup).

We have a professional specialized team in graphic design, having more than ten years of expertise. This team offers you everything you need in the best way. Including: (Business cards – Logos – Catalogues – Brochures – Flyers – Newspapers – Magazines – Indoor and Outdoor advertisements – Websites).

We provide you with special offers to meet your needs from web hosting to the web design and developing, with an affordable price, best quality, and new ideas.

This is another aspect of our company. We deal with many areas in terms of marketing of residential communities and commercial malls. We ensure to provide our clients with exclusive marketing.

Our company organizes concerts and celebrations, bringing famous singers from both local and foreign countries. We organize and arrange events, such as opening days for malls and companies, or any other events.

We have a dedicated and professional photography team as well as other visual aids such as display Screen, 3D technology, asimulation devices to offer you high-quality results.